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I am a part-time professional photographer (or perhaps I may be more accurately described as a photography "addict" !!)  residing in Texas. I started seriously pursuing photography as a hobby in 1994, when my wife and I bought some 35mm SLR camera equipment for a vacation to Hawaii. I quickly sort of "took over" the camera system (my wife has since purchased her own point and shoot camera) and have never looked back.

Soon after our first son was born in 1995, I purchased lighting equipment for a portrait studio to set up in my house. After my wife saw the first set of photos I took of our son in my studio, she has never complained about how much I spend on equipment for my studio! I used to perform about 50-75 portrait sittings a year, plus the ones I shot of my wife and children, but have since cut back to (mostly) shooting just my family.

Those of you that have never been to Texas in April, have not seen the most spectacular and colorful natural wonder on earth! In 1997, I purchased my first medium format camera system and went about taking serious photos of Texas wildflowers. In 1998, I added a large format system to my arsenal and in 2004 I went exclusively to large format for landscapes. While today I publish only infrequently, previously my work was published in Texas Highways magazine in the April issues (April always brings the infamous annual wildflower issue) from the period 2000-2008, and occasionally on a sign, billboard, or another magazine or website. I do not rigorously pursue publications because I just do not have the time to keep up with numerous submissions.

I gradually made the transition from film to digital in the 2000s.  I started by using digital cameras for snapshots, then used digital cameras for sports photos of my kids, and by around 2009 I used only digital cameras for landscapes.  I have owned both Canon and Nikon equipment and today I shoot various Nikon SLR cameras.   I also take a lot of snapshots with my iPhone.

I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma but raised in Houston since I was four. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University.

My personal highlights during my years at Texas A&M include: playing in the Brazos Symphony Orchestra as the lead trombonist; directing the TAMU (student) Jazz Band; teaching calculus; and graduating in only 3-1/2 years. It took me an additional four years to get my PhD though, which was sped up by the fact that I was able to skip my Master's Degree thesis (by passing a special examination).

I was employed full-time for almost 24 years as a research engineer for Shell Oil Company and performed hydrodynamics research for offshore structures (primarily those in deep-water) until my retirement in 2010.  Today I manage VIV Solutions which manufactures suppression devices for vortex-induced vibration so that offshore drilling and production is safer. I am blessed to have been inducted in both the Ocean Energy Hall of Fame and the Oilfield Energy Hall of Fame and I hold over 50 U.S. Patents (with much credit going to my colleagues)

During graduate school, I was the co-founder of CAPS Sports Ratings - a computer rating system for college and professional sports teams. While my partners and I decided to quit the business due to lack of interest (on our part) in the early 1990s, the software is still better than anything of the rating systems published today (by the way, we were published in the Houston Post, Chicago Sun Times, New York Daily News, and were used by some of the NCAA Basketball Tournament Selection Committee).

Today, aside from spending lots of time with my wife and 5 children, I am the Assistant Head Baseball Coach at Logos Preparatory which keeps me quite busy coaching high school boys each spring. I also enjoy coaching youth baseball and basketball, photographing my kids' sports activities, studying history (especially World War II), and studying philosophy and biblical theology.

I like to think of myself as an intellectual Christian. I believe that all that is in this world worth photographing came from God, and I am thankful for the life he has given me. If you would like to know how you can come to know Jesus Christ as your savior, or would like to discuss my "thinking" faith, please contact me at dwa652@yahoo.com

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